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Gate Latches, Fence Gate Hinges
Your reputation as a gate & fence contractor depends upon providing secure, durable vinyl, wooden, iron gates and fences to every homeowner. The fence gate hardware that you choose for the job ultimately determines how reliable the entire ornamental gate will be, which is why you can’t afford to choose anything less than the best for your gate hinges and gate latches. The SafeTech Cobra Gravity Latch has a fail-safe design not found in any other gate latch on the market, so it will protect your customers and your stellar reputation in the business.

Innovative Gate Catch Design

SafeTech Cobra gravity gate catches feature two independent latching hooks, ensuring that the gate latches never fail, no matter how quickly homeowners shut their wood, metal or vinyl gates. The gate latch is simply pulled to open, eliminating the need for levers to make the gate easy to open, a feature your customers will love.

Versatility for All Gate Applications

No two homes have identical needs when it comes to wooden fences and vinyl gates. However, the Safetech Cobra gate latch is versatile enough to meet the unique needs of every job. The revolutionary backplate design allows you to convert the gate latch from right-hand to left-hand mounting without having to use a single screw. You can adjust SafeTech Cobra gate catches vertically and horizontally for easy and precise installation every time. The Safetech Cobra gravity latch can be used for a wide selection of gates such as: vinyl gates, wooden gates, iron gates, and many other types of metal gates. It can also be installed as a garden gate latch.

Durable Gate Latches Built to Last

The SafeTech Cobra gate latch is the finest choice among fence gate hardware, thanks to its quality design. The gate latch is engineered to have no openings that can be invaded by debris and compromise the integrity of the mechanism. Manufactured out of high-grade polymer and stainless steel components, the gate latch is rustproof and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. To ensure that you’re providing the most innovative, well-made choice among gate latches on every job, trust the SafeTech Cobra Gravity Latch for all metal gate, vinyl gate and wooden gate latch applications.